Kidsdance is looking for DJ affiliates all across America!
WANTED!! Affiliates to help bring Kidsdance to your City!

Kidsdance is an association of DJ services across the country that have a commitment to provide America with the absolute best performances for family events.  This is done by providing participating DJ companies with a national corporate identity and philosophy that helps potential customers recognize that the DJs are indeed the best possible choice for their upcoming family event.


will provide participating DJs with:
  1. Updated music and contest programming

  2. The KIDSDANCE CD Library

  3. Official KIDSDANCE Logo T-Shirts for DJs

  4. A marketing plan that helps build a solid   clientele

  5. A nation identity for positive name recognition 
  6. A chance for better exposure with highly saturated co-op advertising campaign in individual cities at a less expensive rate

  7. Higher visibility on the internet and a revolutionary way to reach prospective clients for the new millennium

  8. A DJ alliance with greater profit potential for it's individual companies because of the opportunity to become a powerful advertising communication medium that can woo prospective wholesome corporate sponsors who would be extremely interested in the captive, interactive audience which we can provide for them.

  9. A powerful purchasing block of business that, because of volume, can get prizes at a greatly reduced rate from a novelty supplier.

 10. A chance to increase profit margins by booking non-Saturday events with no additional outlay for equipment. While giving you and your DJs a better chance at a full-time career, by redirecting resources and efforts to week-day events for a healthier, more profitable company.