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Event Suggestions, 5 star service and Kids Fun!

1.  Be sure to motivate.

In a video game age where multi-media are coming to them from every direction, kids need to be thoroughly entertained.  Kids of all ages are sophisticated, they are looking for the “wow factor” that grabs their attention and doesn’t let them go.  Providing prizes to encourage participation is the best way to motivate kids.  Kidsdance provides FREE Prizes at each show and has an additional Prize package available for your event!  Creating a buzz is essential; make sure your audience knows that your party will be something special, an event not to be missed.  An exciting event establishes a track record of success and draws attention to your future events. We suggest you download a poster and use it to create more anticipation for your upcoming event.


2.  Pick the right performer.

Unlike some kid’s performers, a Kidsdance DJ has the ability to balance “cool” with “clean”. Pick a DJ that has a good track record for performing at family, friendly events.  Showmanship, timing, and choosing the most optimum music selections aren’t talents one picks up overnight – Do you really want a practice DJ at your event?  Although you may personally know a friend who can DJ your event, that choice may not be your safest or least expensive option.  A professional Kidsdance DJ is required to have a one million dollar limited liability insurance policy in the event of a personal injury accident at your event. 


3.  Plan early.

Your guests will have a better chance to earmark their calendar and plan to be at your event with more advance notice.  DJ services tend to have a run on certain dates because of the demand of the date.  Be especially mindful of weekend dates before Halloween and Christmas as well as the last week of school for year end or graduation parties.  What this means is that most DJ services may have a limited amount of staff or equipment availability on the dates that are in demand.


4.  Plan smart.

 If you pick an off-peak date like a Thursday night or Sunday day, you may find that not only will you have a better turn-out for your event because of less competition, you will have a more experienced and talented DJ available for your event.  Most DJ’s in demand charge a premium for a Saturday because that date is competing against major events in the community such as weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. 


5.  Pick a theme.

By picking a theme for your event you use a strategy to divert attention away from a more questionable music selection to many more choices of songs that are proven to work. This allows the DJ to balance potentially less effective marginal hits of today (as well as ones with a less positive lyrical content) with traditionally more danceable music choices throughout your event.

It allows the DJ to select only the very best of the popular tunes of today.  This strategy also allows you the ability to have each event uniquely different than the last event.

Kidsdance Dancer - Phong!
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